SHINE Together is all about giving women the respect, recognition and reward but we do more than that in our membership community. We provide a place for continual growth for women whatever their age, ethnicity, culture, or wherever you are on the career and business ladder.
We know that you want to be the best you can become and we want to work with you to help you do just that.
Our SHINE Community is about helping you create a tribe that you know has your back and are there to support you, no matter what you’re going through.

Our Networking events and social gatherings, as well as our Knowledge Hub and training programmes bring you together with like-minded women, who like you, have dreams, ambitions, and goals they want to achieve and are looking for a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment in which to make that happen.

There is a place, a space here for you. You deserve that.  Yes, you do! Why not join us today?

The Process

How to apply

Fill in your application

Please complete each area of your application form.  Scroll down to ensure that you provide all the information required.  This will help us to ensure that we provide you with the best support we can.  All Shine Together Members are required to include a profile image and brief biography (max 1000 characters) as part of their application.

Approval process

Your application will be reviewed, which should take short periods of time.  We endeavour to ensure that members of our community are bonified and accept our community terms and conditions. If there are any questions we will contact you to clarify these where possible.

Welcome to Shine Together

On approval of your application submission, you will receive a welcome email.  You will then have access to the wealth of information and opportunities available to our community.  We look forward to having you in our community.

Gold Membership

As a Premium Shine Together Member you have higher levels of access and opportunities to promote your skills, knowledge and expertise.  This offers you a great chance to promote to our community and our wider network.  You can become known as a specialist and thought leader in our community.

All of the features of the Silver Membership package plus:

Gold Membership
GBP Annually
  • Full profile in our members directory.
  • Featured as a Premium Member on our members directory.
  • Full access to our Knowledge Hub: information, downloadable templates and more.
  • Be empowered with your own personal “Clarity” analysis report that will give you an accurate snapshot of your behaviour profile. Through your “Clarity” analysis you can see the areas you shine, how you change your behaviour for others and how others may perceive you.
  • Opportunity to contribute resources to our Shine Together Knowledge Base.
  • Features on our social media communication channels.
  • Opportunity to be a guest speaker at two event a year: webinar, networking, seminar or other event. Times, dates available spaces to be agreed and confirmed.
  • Opportunity to submit articles to our quarterly Shine Magazine.
  • 30 minutes free Coaching/Mentoring.
  • 50% discount on Shine Together events and training during the year.
  • Opportunity to join our Preferred Specialist List.
  • Opportunity to join our Preferred Specialist List.
  • For less than £1 a day.

Silver Membership

Our Silver Membership is the perfect way to develop your involvement with Shine Together and experience what we have to offer.  More importantly, it offers you the opportunity to move your own development forward, you can assess your needs, get the support, understanding and a safe environment to learn from likeminded women and empower yourself.

Silver Membership
GBP Annually
  • Listed on our members directory.
  • Identify your core driving forces with the renowned “Essence” Analysis. This analysis will show you what puts fire in your heart and how to align for your happiness and fulfilment.
  • Standard access to our Knowledge Hub. This analysis will show you what puts fire in your heart and how to align for your happiness and fulfilment..
  • Access to articles and insights.
  • Access to participate in our Community forum.
  • 30% discount on Shine Together events: training, webinars, and events.
  • Discounts on our Shine Together Mentoring and Coaching programmes.
  • Assess to our preferred Coaches, Mentors and Partners.

Bronze Membership

Because we don’t want any woman to miss out when she needs information or support our ‘Free’ Members level will give you access to some of the information on our Community Hub, our basic level forum. and community. At this level you will get a taste of what’s on offer and upgrade anytime you want more.

Bronze Membership
  • A profile on our members directory.
  • Basic access to articles.
  • Access to information, news and tips.
  • Access to free Information from some of our Partners.
  • The opportunity to take part (as a paid attendee) in our training courses and programme, workshops, webinars and other events.
  • Paid attendance to our training, workshops, webinars and other events.