Time to Talk – Podcast 01

Welcome to our Shine Women podcast, where Sandra, Leanne, and their guests will discuss topics that are important to women in their journey of life.

In recognition of the theme Time to Talk, the biggest day in the UK for the recognition of mental health, in this first podcast, Sandra and Leanne talk with Linda Neville, Founder and CEO of SanaMenta about the importance of talking, how to recognise some of the sign that someone might be struggling with their mental health, and how to support them.

Dyslexia and Neurodiversity

As part of our webinar series, we had a great conversation with conversation with Author and Dyslexia Campaigner, Keisha Adair Swaby. Her book is called Empowering Dyslexics: Blessed & Gifted. We talk about her journey in discovering the gift and challenge of living with dyslexia.

We are delighted to share the podcast from this conversation here.

Inspiring Inclusion with Michelle Mills-Porter

Our guest in this podcast is the amazing, creative, and innovative Michelle Mills-Porter, a multi-award-winning business owner specialising in non-visual communication. We discuss some of her backgrounds, what got her started in creating behaviour profiling tools, and how they can impact and work to improve inclusion.