Creating the Life We Want in 2024

01 January 2024

We hear a lot of talk about creating the life we want; manifesting the life we want, etc but what does this mean?

Many of us get drawn into the idea that these types of statements must only mean money and financial wealth. There is nothing at all wrong with wanting money and financial wealth. We should want those things. We live in a world where money is a means of exchange that everyone can understand and having enough of it can reduce the stress that can be experienced when there is a lack of it. So yes, financial wealth should be on our list.

My thoughts however are on identifying for myself the full meaning of the life I want. There are so many other things that are important in the life I want. Things such as good health and vitality. Without these two things, all the money in the world would not be as enjoyable as it could be.
Having people in my life who I am happy to be with and who are also happy to be with me makes life much more delightful, warm, and wholesome. 

Growing up through a traumatic life has meant that for me, freedom is another top priority. Being able to go where I would want to, when I want to, along with the freedom to speak my truth. Things like these are priceless. And at this time, I recognise that so many other people across the world, don’t have these important things in their life. They don’t have freedom.

So as I sit back and take an objective look at ‘the life I want’ and ‘life I currently have’. I would admit that I already have the life I want. I have created it or manifested it. Whatever words you’d prefer to use. I have the life I want in the areas of my priorities.

I want to take a few minutes just now and acknowledge this truth. I’m starting this new year out blessed and in a privileged position. And I am grateful.

Grateful to have all the things I have. Grateful to have all the things I’ve wanted and want. Grateful even for the time to recognise these facts. Grateful for the immense amount of love and kindness I experience on a daily basis. Grateful for so much more. The list could go on. I have more than enough of the things I hold dear.

And yes, there are many other things that I want to create and bring about in my life and that of others. But I want to do that from a position of acknowledged fullness and gratitude as I reflect and re-draft the things I want in this new year.

Doing this from this place provides a much more stable launch pad, and makes the things we want to create, so much more possible, as we’re starting from a place of knowing that we’ve already created the life we wanted yesterday. We’re living and experiencing it today.

Knowing that we’ve already created the future that we used to dream of for ourselves, can enable and empower us to look out into the world and realise that we together can create a better world for everyone. For those who currently don’t have freedom at whatever level that lack of freedom exists for them.

If any of us, lack true freedom, do we all really have it?

We may think that we are separate and stand on this globe singularly, but that is far from the truth.

May your 2024 bring a greater level of freedom and the ability to create the life you truly want for yourself, along with the clarity to appreciate what that really means for you, and for all of our brothers and sisters across the globe. This is my intention for my own experience in 2024.

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