Event date: 10/06/2024

Start Time: 12:00 am

End Time: 12:00 am

Have you checked out our latest podcast?

There is still a chance to do so if you’ve missed it. We are always delighted to bring you some great conversation as Sandra and Leanne let us in on chats with their friends and guests.
The topic for discussion this month is Menopause in the Workplace with Jackie Lawrence. Do look out for that. It’s going to be very informative.

Jacky Wood

Jacky Wood

A Licensed Menopause Champion with MENOPAUSE EXPERTS GROUP, Menopause workplace training, and Speaker.

Jacky focuses on empowering women in the workplace to overcome challenges caused by negative menopause symptoms. 

provide clear and practical answers to perplexing questions, making the menopause transition easier for both employees and employers.

Join us and fuel your curiosity. There is so much we can learn from through listening, hearing, and supporting each other. And that’s why we enjoy bringing these webinars to you.

So, plug in your headphones and unlock the amazing world of podcasts. You might just discover your new favorite way to learn and relax!

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